How could you when the haunted room is filled with bloodstains, cobwebs, severed limbs, and a hidden switch that’ll whisk you into a nightmare world?

With Halloween looming around the corner, Universal Studios Japan’s preparation for the spooky season is now in full swing, and guests can expect some special eerie festivities, like the park has held in the past, that are sure to tickle your inner ghost.

In true Halloween fashion, travelers can spend a night in a haunted room in Universal Port Hotel, USJ’s official hotel. Called “Switches – The Switch to Terror”, the room is filled with all manner of ghoulish decorations and props that’ll give you goosebumps.

▼ Can you survive a night in here?

Based on a backstory where a girl mysteriously vanished here more than a decade ago, the horror room has appeared every year since its debut in 2015.

What’s new this time around is that one of the many switches found in the room doesn’t turn on a light, but instead whisks the unfortunate victim into a terrifying world of unspeakable horrors.

▼ It’s like playing Russian roulette with the switches.

▼ One customer took a video from her smartphone showcasing last year’s room.

▼ It’s not Halloween without creepy bloodstains by the toilet…

▼ …old cobwebs on the ceiling…

▼ …bloody handprints on the window…

▼ …and a severed arm.

Aside from your sanity, the cost for spending a night can vary from 10,500 yen to 31,500 yen (US$94.45 to $283.33), depending on the number of people staying and the time of week. Keep in mind, however, that all customers must be above 15 years of age.

The campaign runs from 1 September to 20 December, and since a breakfast buffet is also included as part of the room cost, it’s a perfect accommodation option if you’re planning to check out some of USJ’s coolest attractions.

Sources: Universal Port Hotel, Orix Real Estate, YouTube/Channel Nekotan via Livedoor News, Hachima Kikou
Top image: Orix Real Estate
Insert images: Orix Real Estate, YouTube/Channel Nekotan