Travel in luxury in the Tokyo area with this new Uber feature!

With public transportation so readily available in metropolitan areas in Japan, you may not have a need to call a taxi that often. Now you have an extra reason to, though, as Uber Japan’s recently added Premium EV option allows you to travel in eco-friendly luxury, and even includes Teslas.

Since private-car ride hailing is still banned in Japan, Uber, which operates as a hired taxi service in the country, has teamed up with taxi company Hinomaru Kotsu to offer this new feature in Tokyo neighborhoods, in addition to the already available Taxi, Premium, and Premium Minivan options. If you specifically want to ride in a Tesla, then once you select “Premium EV”, choose “Tesla Model Y”, and the stylish, modern, luxury electric vehicle will soon roll up to your location.

▼ Tesla Model Y

This is the first time Uber is offering premium electric vehicles as part of their service in Japan, so if you’re a Tesla or EV fan, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of it!

The service is somewhat limited for now. Initially, Teslas are only taking passengers to Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, Chuo Ward, Minato Ward, Shinjuku Ward, and Shibuya Ward–all central locations for tourism, shopping, and dining–but the plan is to expand the service over time to more areas within the city.

Additionally, there are only 30 Tesla Model Y’s dispatched at the moment, though Uber and Hinomaru Kotsu intend to increase the fleet to a total of 100 vehicles by mid-2024. They may be highly sought after and tough to book, but if you’ve always harbored a dream of riding in a Tesla (if not test driving one), it’s worth giving it a try!

Source, image: Uber 
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