Those in downtown Tokyo may have seen a Christmas tree running wild in the streets. Fear not! It’s just Joseph Tame and his Christmas tree dispatch service!

■ The Man
Dubbed “The World’s First Wearable On-Demand Illuminated Christmas Tree Service” or the less descriptive but more compact “Uber for Illuminations,” this is a new business venture by inventor-artist-runner Joseph Tame.

Some of you may remember Tame as the marathon running “Glowing Man” seen on Tokyo subways last year. In an effort to raise awareness about physical fitness and put smiles on peoples faces, he could often be seen riding the rails decked out in meters of LED lights, pin wheels, and digital cameras.

This time, for the Uber for Illuminations service, Tame has much of the same gear but in a more festive arrangement and a full-length arrangement of pine branches.

■ The Offer
By now you might be wondering what Tame is offering with his service. For 50,000 yen (US$413) plus expenses, he will appear in his Christmas tree and perform various tasks such as giving presents or remaining silent to give the full illusion of having a Christmas tree.

Two options are available: You may give Tame to a friend or rent him for yourself. They’re both actually exactly the same which really simplifies the ordering process. On his Christmas website (linked below) there is also a section where you may donate batteries to help him keep the lights running. In return Tame promises you will feel “totally awesome.”

■ The Gear
Tame’s Christmas tree suit is fitted with 1,500 LED lights, 30 meters (98 feet) of wiring, three cameras, and nine single-board computers. It runs on 99 batteries which Tame says keeps the suit going for about 90 minutes (hence the battery donations).

Despite the 25-kilogram (55-pound) weight, the tree appears to have been designed with high-mobility in mind. In the following video we can see Tame move rather swiftly in his tree and even climb into a rickshaw — a testament to the speedy high-quality service that he promises.

■ The Revolution
For far too long, those of us in Japan have had to live under the tyranny of the “Big Christmas Lights” industry, whose iron fist forcibly kept pretty lights in only select areas of their choosing. This meant that alley-dwellers, CHUDs, and lygophobes had to go without.

Joseph Tame and his brave new venture hope to rattle the foundations of this social ill and bring those Christmas light fat cats to their knees once and for all. With his technology, Christmas lights are now available anywhere in the world (provided you pay for his travel expenses) from the top of Mt. Fuji to my ground floor bathroom (negotiations pending).

And when his app is released on 26 December, it will be even easier for everyone to have a living Christmas tree delivered to them as soon as possible. You can learn more on the official website. Power to the people!

Sources/images: Joseph Tame(TwitterFacebookOfficial Website)