Doughnut and matcha sets you can’t buy in stores.  

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit Japan, companies have been rethinking their business strategies, with delivery services now becoming an essential part of daily affairs. Starbucks is one such company working to improve its delivery services, and by the end of June, the chain’s new “Starbucks Delivers” program will be expanded to more than 750 stores in 34 prefectures, before being rolled out nationwide by the end of September.

▼ Starbucks has partnered with Uber Eats and Wolt, a food delivery service from Finland, to deliver Starbucks products “to as many people as possible”.

To coincide with their mass expansion, Starbucks is now offering a couple of exclusive “delivery sets” only available to delivery customers. The first set is called Very Very Matcha, which is an apt name for what it contains:

・ Iced Matcha Tea Latte (tall size) or Matcha Cream Frappuccino (tall size)
・ Matcha cream bar
・ Matcha baumkuchen

Just looking at the contents of the Very Very Matcha has us reaching for our phones to make a delivery order, especially as the Iced Matcha Tea Latte was recently given an ace review by one of our own reporters.

▼ Next up is a treat for doughnut lovers called the Three Donuts Set.

This set of doughnuts will be delivered as a seasonal set, offering three different flavours according to what’s “in season” at Starbucks. Right now, the current set contains sugar, strawberry and chocolate cream flavours.

As well as the sets, Starbucks is offering special drink customisations for delivery customers. From 9 June to 13 July, the customised special will be the Strawberry Frappuccino, blended with chocolate chips.

▼ The Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino + Chocolate Chips will be sold in a tall size only, for 691 yen (US$6.29).

While the contents of the sets can be purchased separately in-store, the sets themselves aren’t available to purchase outside of delivery, and they offer a discount on what you’d normally pay for the three items, with the Very Very Matcha (available from 9 June-13 July) priced at 992 yen and the Three Doughnuts (available from 26 May-13 July) priced at 788 yen.

Orders can be made through the Uber Eats and Wolt apps, and there’ll be new exclusive items on the delivery menu from 13 July. For those looking to unlock another secret item you can’t buy in stores, don’t forget the Chai Chocolate Frappuccino is still available for a limited time, but only via a special pre-payment system.

Images: Starbucks Japan
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