Add this to your list of novelty accommodations!

Have you ever wanted to experience living in a submarine without actually going under the water? Well, now’s your chance! Spa company 3C & Spa has just opened up a submarine-themed guest house in Kure City in Hiroshima Prefecture.

When you stay at Red Submarine, you’ll feel like a member of the crew with all of the fine details they’ve made sure to include throughout the guest house, from the rooms to the toilets to the common areas. Everything was designed with the help of 3C & Spa president Maho Oshima’s father, a veteran who has crewed seven different submarines, with the goal of making it a dream come true for submarine fans from all across the country.

The shared living space shown above is called the Officers’ Room, and even has peephole-style windows like you might find on a submarine. The rounded ceiling and red lighting also add to the feel of a deep-ocean submarine. Beyond that is a narrow hallway similarly lit in red light that leads to the guest rooms. Its exposed piping is another key feature.

The Officer’s Quarters are a dormitory style shared room, with pairs of bunk beds nestled side by side. The beds are simple, in the style of a military bunk, but still offer some privacy with the addition of curtains on each bed.

If a dormitory isn’t your style, there are also private rooms with single, double, and twin beds, with a total of six rooms altogether, including the dormitory. Up to 15 people can stay in the guest house at one time.

A video report conducted by FNN Prime revealed that the toilets are also purposely made to be stainless steel, and the icy cold metal seat is key to experiencing austere life on a military craft. By the sound of it there are also non-metal toilets for those who prefer something a bit warmer, but who wants that when you can have the full experience?

The guest house also includes a public bath and a sauna, which unfortunately don’t continue the theme, though many will appreciate it regardless.

Red Submarine is located in Kure City in southwestern Hiroshima Prefecture on the Seto Inland Sea, which, due to its calm harbor and easy access to the ocean, has been used as a naval port throughout history and is still an essential base for Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Forces today.

It’s also a famous shipbuilding town. Many of Japan’s notable battleships have been built and developed there, including the famous Battleship Yamato (not to be confused with the mega popular anime Space Battleship Yamato). Because of this, the city has been designated a Japan Heritage site where guests can experience modern Japanese history through venues like the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure Museum, which was ranked as one of the best free sightseeing activities to do in Japan.

Guest House Red Submarine was designed expressly to fit in with Kure’s history and culture, so if you plan to visit, you’ll definitely want to book at least one night there, if only for the novelty of it! At its cheapest, a night’s stay costs just 3,300 yen (US$23.00), so it’s absolutely worth it!

Guest House Information
Red Submarine / レッドサブマリン
Addresss: Hiroshima-ken, Kure-shi, Nakadori 2-4-5, Red Building 4F

Source: PR Times, FNN Prime Online  via Golden Times
Images: PR Times

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