Get away from it all at this oasis in the heart of the city.

Once upon a time, after appearing in 1979, capsule hotels offered little more than a pod in the wall for visitors, with a futon to sleep on and maybe a small TV screen, and a shared toilet and shower down the hall.

Nowadays, capsule hotels have upped their game to become a preferred style of accommodation for many, with zen-like private chamberssamurai-style lodgings, and women-only hotels featuring bunks that come with handsome anime men.

In fact, women-only capsule hotels are becoming more popular in cities like Tokyo, and after hearing good things about one particular establishment, called Centurion Cabin and Spa, our reporter Masami packed her overnight bag and headed out there to give us a full review.

The Centurion hotel chain has a number of locations in Tokyo, Nara and Osaka, but Masami chose to try the Cabin and Spa capsule hotel in Akasaka, which is conveniently located on a central street packed with stores and restaurants.

Check-in time is from 3 p.m., so Masami arrived late in the afternoon, and after filling in her details at the reception desk, she walked down the hall to her capsule.

Each bunk was closed off with a curtain, and when she arrived at her capsule, she was pleased to find it was equipped with a large TV screen. The space was small, as expected, but surprisingly clean and cosy, with new walls and fittings.

Masami liked the fact that her booth came with a small shelf and mirror, which would allow her to do her hair and apply her makeup in complete privacy in the morning.

Pleased with her quarters, Masami decided to take a look at the public areas to see what else she could enjoy during her one-night stay.

▼ In the “rest area” on the ground floor, there were free drinks and a microwave oven…

▼ With cutlery, drinkware, and tea-making equipment…

▼ And a variety of drinks and snacks for sale…

▼ There was also a range of rental items available, so even guests without pyjamas or towels could have an enjoyable stay.

Masami had her towel and pyjamas with her already, so she headed up to the next floor to make use of the bath and sauna facilities that were included in the cost of her stay.

Photography is prohibited in the bathing areas, but the public bath Masami visited was so impressive she wanted to illustrate it, just so she could convey a sense of its beauty with everyone.

The bath was located in one corner of the room, with shower areas along two walls. Facing the bath was an image of a tiger in a bamboo forest, which added a luxurious atmosphere to the bathing experience.

▼ The tiger was drawn in a more realistic style compared to Masami’s cute tiger character, though.

The tiger looked fierce and majestic, which is exactly how Masami felt after gazing at it during her soak. Then it was on to enjoy the sauna, before finishing off her spa experience with a unique infrared foot bath.

When she returned to her capsule, all of Masami’s stresses had lifted and it didn’t take long for her to fall into a deep slumber. Waking refreshed in the morning, she was ready to start the day with a spring in her step, which might’ve been due to the infrared rays from the footbath the night before.

At a cost of 4,300 yen (US$38.89) a night, Masami highly recommends a stay at Centurion Cabin and Spa. Whether you’re travelling for leisure or work, the spa facilities are a great way to destress and recharge, and there are a lot of impressive dinner options nearby as well, including the restaurant where the Japanese Prime Minister ate, and an Edo-themed sushi restaurant that everyone should try!

Hotel information
Centurion Cabin and Spa / センチュリオン キャビン&スパ

Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Akasaka 4-2-4, Lee Bldg 2F
東京都港区赤坂4-2-4 赤坂Leeビル2F


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