Ishoya, a Japanese shop specializing in unique feline goods, has released a DIY submarine for cats made from cardboard. Aptly named “Cat Box 02”, the bright-yellow submarine-shaped cardboard box is set to charm both feline friends and owners with Instagram accounts for their cats alike.

Join us after the jump for adorable pics of happy sailing (and flying) cats!

Priced at 2,430 yen (US$24) with an additional 550 yen shipping fee, this submarine might be the answer to your heatstroke-stricken cat. And, come on, what cat doesn’t love a good box to play in?



“Cat Box 02 ” is the second creation in Ishoya’s “Cat Box Vehicle Series”. The first in the series was the “Tom Cat”, a cardboard military plane as adorable as the submarine, priced at 2,970 yen plus shipping. Both the plane and the submarine are designed to entertain bored kitties with their favorite cardboard material.

The design concept behind the Submarine was that happy cats can take the submarine and eat as many fish as they like. While the design concept behind the Tom Cat was not revealed, we are going to take a guess and say that it’s for cats to go fly and catch birds for lunch…



If your cat is a little overweight though, you might want it to go on a diet first. Both the Submarine and the Tom Cat can only hold cats up to 5kg and look to be a little tight. Sorry my feline friends, but size does matter.



Source/images: Ennori