14th richest man in Japan buys one of the world’s most pricey violins…to share with the world?

Billionaire Yusuke Maezawa has purchased a Stradivarius violin. His promise to send it around the globe has netizens humming, but not in a good way.

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How rich is Asia’s wealthiest man? Forbes says US$32 billion, but it’s probably way more

Call me materialistic, but one of the biggest desires I’ve had since I was a teen is to be rich. But to be absolutely honest, I’m so horribly bad with numbers, I’m not even sure how many zeroes are there in a billion, much less a trillion. So when Asia’s wealthiest man, Ka-shing Li, said that the media is “underestimating” his net worth at US$32 billion, the only thing on my mind was, “Wait, how many zeroes is that again?”.

So, how much is Ka-shing Li really worth? Take a guess, or not, since you know we’ll tell you anyway.

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