Five Facts

5 little-known facts about Japanese society from Twitter users

From love hotels in summer to the history of fireworks, these juicy bits of information amaze even Japanese people.

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Five fun facts from our favorite articles this week

1) You can propose with a Pokemon engagement ring.

2) The cutest hiragana character is あ.

3) In Japan, you can pee while inside a glass box.

4) Curry made from a 1,300-year-old recipe is pretty tasty.

5) It’s improper to mix your wasabi with soy sauce as a dip for sushi.

Five facts that will blow your mind

1. Sailor Moon lingerie is a real thing.

2. Japanese idols actually wear (and sell) glasses.

3. Fast and Furious is called Wild Speed MAX in Japan.

4. There’s a book dedicated to drawing men’s butts on sale in Japan right now.

5. You can age wine at the bottom of the sea.