Does the eel from these cheap takeout shops pass the buyobuyo quality test? We find out

Unagi for about 1,000 yen…is it worth it?

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Eel-fortified chocolate now on sale in Japan

Just in time for the summertime heat, here comes unagi chocolate.

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Anime cooking in real life – How to make Food Wars’ unagi matelote【SoraKitchen】

What happens when Japanese eel meets French cooking, then jumps from the anime world to the real one? We find out!

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Come on, Costco! Sell your Japan-exclusive kabayaki marinade salmon in the U.S. too!

Costco Japan adapts a traditional unagi recipe to salmon, and it should let the U.S. market taste it too.

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This is what a 10,000-yen (US$90) Unagi Sushi Cake looks like

A beautifully arranged, blissfully huge order of one of Japan’s favorite summertime foods.

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Butter on sushi? We’d heard it was great, but we wouldn’t believe it without trying it ourselves

Fans swear this sushi restaurant’s butter unagi is amazing, so we taste-tested it.

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5 little-known facts about Japanese society from Twitter users

From love hotels in summer to the history of fireworks, these juicy bits of information amaze even Japanese people.

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We ordered RAW eel through the mail and achieved a state of total Unagi

Say it! Say we are Unagi!

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Is Japan’s highest-ranking unagi restaurant worth the six-month wait for a table? We find out

Already checked all the sushi and ramen boxes on your Japanese food pilgrimage list? Then come along with us to the country’s favorite unagi specialist, located in downtown Tokyo.

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We try unagi cola with genuine eel extract 【Taste Test】

Just last month we brought you news of its arrival and now it’s finally here! It’s the delicious/disgusting-sounding Eel Cola, made with real eel extract.

If the thought of drinking it makes you shudder, never fear: your intrepid RocketNews24 reporters have done the tasting for you. All the details after the break!

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Bacon soda’s new contender is here – Say hello to unagi cola!

Japan, thanks to its obsession with limited-edition and seasonal foods, has come to be known for its unusual drinks and snacks that come out throughout the year – matcha-flavored Kit Kats, purple sweet potato milkshakes, and sakura flavored hamburgers to name but a few.

Soda is no exception in the world of weird flavors, what with shiso and salted watermelon flavors having graced store shelves in the past. But here’s an even crazier one for all of you adventurous eaters out there: grilled eel flavor soda.

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Unagi pastries contain no eel, tons of cuteness

Even though I was an extremely finicky eater growing up, my palate has broadened quite a bit since moving to Japan. In the years I’ve spent living in Tokyo and Yokohama, I’ve become convinced that cooking a cut of tuna is the quickest way to ruin its flavor, spicy cod roe makes an excellent pasta sauce, and that chicken cartilage isn’t just something you can eat, but should.

Still, I’m not entirely sold on unagi, or freshwater eel. Honestly, the flavor is surprisingly mild and not unpleasant, but I still have a hard time getting past the mental image of the snake-like appearance for something that, in my opinion, tastes just OK and is a little on the expensive side.

On the other hand, unagi-shaped chocolate pastries make a much more compelling argument.

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