Disabled woman yelled at for using train’s priority seat, “not looking like a handicapped person”

“If you’re handicapped, then you should look more like a handicapped person!”

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Poll shows most disabled people in Japan dislike “inspirational” documentaries about disability

One major Japanese TV station calls out another’s use of disabled people in so-called “inspiration porn”.

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Handicapped man draws beautiful and detailed trains entirely from memory 【Photos】

Hisashi Fukushima, a 44-year-old man from Hidaka City, was born with a serious learning impediment, but this handicap has in no way gotten the better of him. This truly gifted individual is an awe-inspiring artist with an unbridled passion for the beauty of the railway system. Fukushima’s photographic memory and steady hands have allowed him to recreate many life-like scenes of trains upon their tracks in paintings as well as paper craft. His faithful renditions of Japan’s railways have earned him a number of prizes in art exhibitions, and one glance at his work makes it obvious why! Keep reading for a sample of Hisashi Fukushima’s stellar art portfolio.

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