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Net users in Japan decide their country shouldn’t try to remake horror film covers anymore

This botched horror movie DVD cover reminds Japan once again of the importance of good localization.
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【Photo Gallery】Original vs. Remade Versions of Horror Movie Posters

There are almost too many movies being remade nowadays (did we really need another Rollerball?). There are also quite a few Japanese movies that have been remade into Hollywood films. It’s sometimes great to be able to watch your favorite movie redone using the most modern techniques and special effects, but not so great if a classic is butchered (we’re looking at you Red Dawn).

However, regardless of whether or not a remake lives up to the original, the newly designed movie posters are always interesting to look at. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of movie posters of the original and remake versions of 35 horror films. Most have managed to up the creepiness factor (with a few exceptions).

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