Just Dance 2015

A pink unicorn and a yellow hippo dance to “What Does the Fox Say?” on Just Dance 2015【E3】

The promoters of Just Dance 2015, Ubisoft’s sixth dancing game of the series, sure do know how to get people’s attention at E3. Songs such as “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and Run DMC’s remix of “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith already make you want to tap your toes. But they’ve also deployed cute dancers at the Just Dance booth to encourage the crowd to start, well, dancing. Even Wolverine couldn’t resist slicing the air with his claws to the game’s groovy beats.

And on Day Two of E3 2014, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the elusive unicorn…dancing with his hippo pal to “What Does the Fox Say.” Yeah, we don’t know why either, so you’d probably better just watch the video…

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Wolverine plays Just Dance 2015 at E3 – Why? We have no idea either【E3】

Do you like dancing? How about hairy men with adamantium claws? Then we have the perfect video for you!

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