Japanese government removes controversial radioactive material illustration video and pamphlet

Awareness campaign for plan to dump radioactive water into ocean lands creators in hot water.

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Japan government makes cute illustrated version of radioactive isotope it plans to dump into sea

Video released on same day approval is granted for waste water project at Fukushima nuclear power plant.

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Atomic Batteries for Sale on Chinese Website, Good for 20 Continuous Years of Pocket-Sized Nuclear Power

How would you like your smartphone to be powered by nuclear fission? Many people probably would not be comfortable with the idea of radioactive material in their shirt pocket.  However, they might change their tune to hear it doesn’t need charging or changing for two decades.

Tama-chan, a writer at Japanese news site Byokan Sunday,was perusing the Chinese shopping website when he came across just such a battery. It carries a hefty price tag but the benefits are frighteningly good.

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