The weekend is almost here! You’re off tomorrow, so how’s about hitting the bars? Come on, you’re probably sitting at your desk right now sneakily checking out your options for a post-work tipple.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: if you want to drink the good stuff and actually manage a buzz, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Well, think again. Rocket News has found the best, cheapest nomihoudai in town.

The bargain priced izakaya Marukin, which has branches in Tokyo, Shinbashi, Yaesu and now Shinjuku, is offering 30 minutes of all-you-can-drink shochu, beer, cocktails and high balls at a self-service counter for the rock-bottom price of 299 yen. With 70 different types of alcohol on offer, how can you justify not going?

And these aren’t some generic brands either. You’ll find lots of famous names at the bar. From the sweet potato family, we’ve got Kuro Kirishima and Satsuma Musou. Kikaijima represents the brown sugar variety and Kumejima’s Kumesen will satisfy fans of Okinawa’s special spirit, awamori. If umeshu, or plum liquor, is more your style, there are varieties made with honey or green tea, and even the premium Oushukubai Dry, for your sipping pleasure.

There’s also Kirin Ichiban for the beer drinkers, plus a variety of liquors and mixers like orange juice and oolong tea to make cocktails.

I’m sure some people would prefer to be served that to get their own drinks, but think of all the time you’ll save not having to wait for a bartender who takes his own sweet time in coming. It’s so much better to just decide in the moment what you want to drink and whip up an original cocktail right there.

Of course, with your booze, you’ll want to eat something, and they’ve got you covered with yakitori skewers for just 60 yen a pop! They’re a bit small, but the staff will keep bringing them until you say stop, so you can just sit back and relax. There are other small snacks available, such as 290 yen tuna sashimi and 200 yen potato salad. And at prices like that, it’s a penny-pincher’s paradise.

After polishing off five yakitori skewers and a solid hour of drinking, our bill was just 900 yen, about the price of a set meal at an average restaurant. If you’re the kind of hard drinker that can toss back 10 drinks in an hour and not even get flushed, this place certainly offers value for money. Heck, even if you just drink soft drinks, you’ll feel like you got your money’s worth.

So, what do you say? Shall we go drink ourselves under the table at Marukin this weekend?!

For more information, see Marukin Shinjuku.

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