And just in time for Ramen Day!

The story of Hachiko is popular all over Japan and across the globe: the loyal dog who waited by Shibuya Station for years waiting for his master to return—unaware that he had passed away at work. This poignant story of a man’s best friend is memorialized in a permanent Hachiko statue outside Shibuya Station, where the real pup used to wait, and so Hachiko has become something of a symbol of Shibuya itself.

And now the district has found another way to honor Hachiko’s memory—by creating some special ramen dishes in his honor. The inspiration here comes from how Hachiko would be fed scraps of yakitori chicken and other bar foods from people passing by as he waited for his owner at the station and apparently liked this a great deal. As such, the new Shibuya Hachiko Ramen comes with a skewer of delicious yakitori chicken to enjoy alongside it.

▼ One bowl costs 989 yen (US$8.94).

The base ramen is a hot chicken broth, made from meat sourced from Hachiko’s own hometown of Akita. Combined with the tasty skewer on top, it’s a chicken feast that any person can savor!

But this chicken-skewer kind isn’t the only one to receive Hachiko’s branding. The tourism board of Shibuya is also granting this honor to their Shibuya Hachiko Vegan Ramen, which foregoes the yakitori skewer for fresh tasty vegetables and gluten-free noodles. Shiitake mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, onions, and a powder of boiled bamboo shoots all work together to provide a flavorful broth that will warm your heart and body. Shibuya is committed to providing a variety of diverse eateries, so this new ramen is a great step to ensure people of all diets can feel catered towards.

▼ One bowl costs 879 yen (US$7.94).

Both dishes will become available at Shibuya Yokocho in Miyashita Park, a cluster of close-knit izakaya bars and restaurants, on July 11—Ramen Day!

If you’re in the neighborhood make sure to order a tasty bowl of whichever Hachiko Ramen strikes your fancy. Those who got to sample both dishes early say that they’re both delicious, and are bound to become something of a staple in Shibuya in no time at all. The authorities remind everyone to persevere like the beloved dog himself and take appropriate safety precautions when dining out.

Source, images: PR Times
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