Everything in this restaurant is covered in gold.

Have you ever wanted to feel like a multi-millionaire? If so, there’s an izakaya in Tokyo that’s calling your name, with a flashy interior that sparkles with gold everywhere you look, including in the restrooms.

Called the “Ichioku-en de Izakaya Tatete Mita Okumanchoja Shinjuku Honden“, which translates to “Tried to Build an Izakaya with 100 million yen. Multi-Million Bird Person Shinjuku Inner Sanctuary“, this tavern-style restaurant looks as if it’s been made with 100 million yen, which, with the yen’s current weak rate, is worth about US$690,000.

▼ According to the operators of the restaurant, the izakaya allows diners to “taste the feeling of being a multi-millionaire“.

Like many restaurants in the capital, this one can be found inside an unassuming multi-tenant building, on the top floor above other restaurants.

As the name suggests, the “Multi-Million Bird Person Shinjuku Inner Sanctuary” specialises in “bird meat”, a.k.a chicken, and though the establishment has a luxury millionaire feel to it, the prices are surprisingly cheap, with charcoal-grilled yakitori skewers priced from 150 yen.

After stepping into the elevator on the nondescript ground floor, diners step out into a whole new world above, where walls are covered with kimiko wood craft details befitting royalty, and a noren curtain is printed with the message:

“Those who pass through here become multi-millionaires.”

That’s certainly a compelling way to get people through your front door, and aspirations of becoming rich certainly seem possible once you step inside, with faux-gold bars piled up at the register.

▼ That’s not the only thing gleaming with gold here — the bonsai is also golden, as are the chairs.

A woman dressed in the outfit of a shrine maiden guided us to a private room with two tables, where the walls and ceiling were covered in golden hues. As we took our seats, our guide bowed and said, “Welcome back, master”, just like a maid would at a maid cafe, in order to make us feel like the owners of a golden mansion.

The high-class treatment continued as a box of monaka wafers was opened before us, revealing itself like gleaming jewels in a treasure chest. This service is listed on the menu as “Land Tax” and costs 380 yen (US$2,62), as a fun twist on the Japanese custom of otoshi, an appetiser that all diners pay for instead of a seating charge or table fee.

After consuming our small treasures, it was time to move on to larger treasures, with a feast that included the “Aristocrat’s Playing Burning Chicken Roast” (1,780 yen), which is set alight at the table, and “Golden Wagyu Beef Sushi” (1,280 yen), which contains luxury ingredients like sea urchin, caviar, salmon roe and truffle.

The top-tier items aren’t super cheap, but they’re not too different from regular izakaya prices, making them good value for money, considering the millionaire-worthy ingredients.

▼ Other chicken dishes are very reasonably priced in the 680-780 yen range.

There’s also an extensive drinks menu, the hihglight of which is the “Undameshi Sour” (480 yen).

Undameshi” translates to “try your luck“, and those ordering the drink are required to draw an omikuji fortune that will determine the size of the glass.

▼ Those who draw the highest “Great Luck” fortune will received a great big glass!

After a few drinks, you’ll likely need to visit the restroom, and that’s where the izakaya really shines…literally.

It’s a truly dazzling bathroom, where the floors, ceiling, walls, doors, sink, taps, urinals, toilet, and toilet roll holders are all golden!!

▼ There’s even a step up to the porcelain throne in the stall.

You’ll certainly feel like a millionaire after leaving the restroom, and by the time you leave the restaurant, you’ll feel as if a little gold dust has been sprinkled on you, hopefully leading to future fortunes that may well make that message on the noren curtain come true.

So next time you’re looking for a little gold dust in Tokyo, you might want to swing by Okumanchoja for a millionaire’s meal…and a visit to the restroom. For more golden hues, and golden praise on Instagram, you can always visit the golden escalator hidden in this Tokyo station.

Restaurant Information

Ichioku-en de Izakaya Tatete Mita Okumanchoja Shinjuku Honden / 一億円で居酒屋建ててみた。億万鳥者 新宿本殿
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-36-12, Sugichu Building 4F
東京都新宿区新宿3-36-12 杉忠ビル 4F
Open: 5:00p.m.-11:30
Website (Facebook)

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