Craft Cocktail is pushing the limits of mixology with drinks that appeal to all senses and smashed their crowdfunding goal as a result.

When Craft Cocktail announced their intentions to open shop in either the Shinjuku or Shibuya areas of Tokyo, they achieved their target amount of 500,000 yen (US$4,400) in only two and a half hours.

But not only did they beat their goal, they hit it on the head with a foreign object while the ref wasn’t looking and cobra clutched it into submission by reaching 2,891,700 yen (US$25,600) as of this writing with 18 days to spare.

The secrets to their success first lie in their truly unique recipes for drinks that you likely haven’t seen before. Of course, you’ll be able to order all the classic drinks at Craft Cocktail, but it will be hard to resist this thick coffee cocktail that comes with a side of marshmallows you can roast on an open flame.

Or how a bout a glass of cotton candy that melts when you pour alcohol in and reveals a bloom rose made of apple?

There’s also a cocktail that you blast with a smoke injector to bring out a deeper flavor.

Then there’s some fruity drinks you can mix by twisting the on switch and turning on the light.

And fellas, if you really want to put your manhood to the test, why not try out this all-natural milk liqueur served in a baby bottle? By the way, you’re suppose to remove the nipple before drinking.

You can also eat your cocktail by pouring it over a cup of cereal from an elephant shaped watering jug.

These avant-garde creations might not be everyone’s cup of booze, so Craft Cocktail also has an elegant array of fruit cocktails that use fresh fruits and herbs instead of the liqueurs and syrups typically used.

Clearly Craft Cocktail isn’t just a place to drink, it’s a sensory experience that challenges your preconceptions of drinking. So now you might be thinking, “I can’t wait to go there!”

Well, too bad. You can’t.

The other secret to Craft Cocktail’s huge response on crowdfunding is that they are a members-only bar. Currently the easiest way to get access is to make a pledge on their page of the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake. However, all but 187 of the 8,100 yen ($72) options are sold out as of this writing and going fast.

Your other option is to find an existing member and suck up to them big time for an invitation. Or, failing that, we can introduce you to a guy who offers a unique drinking experience with his giant hornet liquor. He’s probably willing to share.

Source, images: Makuake/Craft Cocktail
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