A young man who is assumed to be Korean has decided to share his feelings to the world on YouTube and as a result ignited a powder keg of tensions between Koreans and Japanese internet users.

In broken Japanese, the boy gave a minute and a half speech about his take on the post-Tohoku Earthquake situation which, as one Japanese commenter said, “crossed the line.”  He then gives a glimpse into his own homicidal fantasies before politely asking all Japanese people to “die quickly.”

Here’s an English translation of his speech (for the full effect, imagine the guy from the ‘leave Britney alone’ video saying this):

“HiiiiIIIIiiii! Good evening Japanese people. Were you exposed to radiation already? That’s so sad.  Soon a big earthquake will hit Tokyo and more people will die? Ahhh, that’s awesome.  When I often imagine killing people, they are Japanese.  But I will never kill Japanese people. They are a race that kill themselves.  Ohhh, it feels good.  For now, I’ll continue to keep an eye on Japan’s rebuilding and enjoy.  Everyone in Japan, please die quickly.”

Bear in mind that this is an English translation of a Japanese transcription (by ear) of a broken Japanese translation possibly from Korean, so it might not be 100% accurate.  However it’s enough to get the gist of what the kid wants to say. Either it’s the most unfortunately mistranslated speech ever or this kid is looking to start some Kobe beef with everyone in Japan.

For every cloud in the sky there’s a teenager doing something stupid, and thanks to the internet they can do such hugely regrettable things with the whole world for an audience.  It certainly seems like this kid is just trying to get a rise out of people, but when Japanese net users actually take the bait and assert that “the whole world should watch this video to see how Koreans really think,” it’s time for mom and dad to step in and take away the computer, and everyone else to take a deep breath and chill out a little.

The Video: YouTube (Japanese, kind of)
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