oh no

Yes. Yes, it did.

Relations between North and South Korea took a turn for the childish today as a spokesman for the notorious hermit nation labelled South Korea’s President Park Geun-Hye a “peasant” and remarked that she ought to stop “blabbering” if she ever wants to see relations between the two countries improve.

Me, and indeed, ow.

North Korea has been flexing its military muscle for weeks now, launching missiles that came dangerously close to a passenger plane and wheeling out its weaponry in response to what it calls “displays of aggression” on the part of the South, who has been carrying out military training exercises.

Our friends over at Business Insider report that a spokesman for the North stated that the South Korean president broke a previous agreement between the two countries to stop badmouthing each other when she made certain comments at a recent international summit. Park reportedly stated on Monday this week that North Korea’s nuclear material could easily fall into the hands of terrorists — a remark that North Korea apparently took rather personally.

While calling the president out on her comments, however, the North Korean spokesman took the opportunity to throw in a few personal attacks of his own, saying via the state-run KNCA news agency:

“Even if someone else wrote the dumb speech for her to read from, she should at least know what and what not to say … in order not to embarrass herself. She should realise she is no longer a peasant woman blabbering to herself in the corner of her room but the occupant of the (presidential) Blue House.”

The South has yet to officially respond to the statements, though when it does we imagine it’ll be in the form of a YouTube video dissing the North’s hair

Source: Business Insider
Feature image via Snappy Pixels