What small girl hasn’t dreamt of being a Disney Princess? Now you can actually make it happen, at least in the digital world.

Walt Disney Japan has recently come out with a free Android App that lets you transform a picture of yourself into a Disney Princess-style illustration.

The app, called Princess Changer, is made for Android smart phones from NTT Docomo, KDDI and SoftBank. Disney offered a similar service for featured phones called “Pri-change Time” in 2008, where users could e-mail a self portrait photo to the service and then receive back an image of themselves as a Disney Princess. The service was a huge hit, used by more than 1.3 million people.

Now, smart phone users can enjoy an upgraded version of the service with the new Princess Changer App. It has more accurate facial recognition capabilities and even comes with a surprise feature which makes the image of the princess move in a life-like way. The app is also social network friendly; they’ve made it easy to upload your picture as a Disney Princess to Facebook or Twitter. You can even use the image as your Twitter profile photo.

The new App can be downloaded from the Disney App Market (in Japanese). You will need to download the Disney Market App and register as an official Disney Smartphone member first, and then you will be able to download the Princess Changer App. For Disney fans, there is also an option of downloading 10 Disney-related apps with unlimited use for a monthly fee of 300 yen, but the Princess Changer App on its own can be downloaded free.

Enjoy your trip to fairytale land!

Sources: Disney Press Release (Japanese) via Keitai Watch (Japanese)

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