Nintendo friends old and new are here to add some fun to your LINE messages.

After its launch in 2011, the instant messaging app LINE quickly became Japan’s largest social network and has continued to rake in millions of users worldwide.

The application can be downloaded and used on tablets, personal computers, and, most popularly, smartphones. LINE allows users to instant message other users, create group chats, make free calls, and more. Part of the fun of using LINE is all of the stickers available to purchase and use in place of emoji in your chats. You can also purchase one of hundreds of available character-themed backgrounds to personalize your LINE application.

New backgrounds are released nearly every week, featuring popular anime, video game, and Disney characters, but this week, they seem to be appealing to Nintendo fans in particular with new Kirby and Pokémon themes.

▼ Kirby makes his LINE debut!


▼Kirby and friends make up most of the interface’s icons and appear in stickers.



While this isn’t the first Pokémon-themed background, it certainly is the most nostalgic! It features the classic 8-bit look of the Red and Blue (Green in Japan) Game Boy games.


▼ Can’t you just hear Pikachu’s bleepy 8-bit cry?



If you have a LINE account, you can purchase the Kirby or Pokémon themes for 360 yen at the LINE store in Japan or US$2.99 if you’re in the US. And don’t worry — the pages are available in English!

Source and images: LINE STORE (1, 2) via My Game News Flash
Top image edited by RocketNews24