With a new movie coming out, it seems that Japanese horror character Sadako from the “Ring” series is keeping herself quite busy these days. We’ve already reported to you about how she has collaborated with Hello Kitty. This time, she made a surprise appearance at a baseball game at Tokyo Dome Stadium to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

Baseball fans at the Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Lotte Marines game at Tokyo Dome on April 25th were thrilled to see the horror character come out onto the field escorted by the umpire. Sadako looked like her usual self in her trademark white dress and with her long black hair completely covering her face. What was different was that Sadako was wearing baseball spikes, which actually looked kind of cute on her.

Sadako revealed to the press that she even received some throwing tips from the pitching coach in preparation for the opening pitch ceremony. Well, it seems the coaching paid off, as Sadako was able to throw a decent pitch, drawing an excited response from the delighted crowd. But making the pitch apparently was more taxing than it looked; Sadako collapsed face down right after throwing the ball and had to be helped off the field.

You have to say this is quite a change from the Sadako in the Ring books and movies who has terrified the living daylights out of countless people (myself included). Regardless, the crowd seemed to enjoy every bit of the show. We can’t deny that even 21 years after the first Ring book was published, we still love Sadako!

(By the way, in case you’re not familiar with the Ring series, Sadako is basically a dead chick who died harboring a huge grudge agaisnt the world and just happens to have the psychic power to potentailly cause deadly harm to, well, all of humanity. Granted, she did meet an untimely and unfortunate demise, but still.)

The new Ring movie, “Sadako 3D” opens in theaters around Japan on May 12th. While Sadako’s first pitch ceremony may have been good fun for the spectators, prepare to be seriously frightened if you’re going to see the movie – because have no doubt, Sadako will be out to get you!

Source: Daily Sports Online (Japanese)
YouTube: Pacific League Movie