The special edition DVD/Blu-Ray box set of Sadako 3D, the fifth in the series of Japanese horror films originating from Ring, went on sale in Japan on October 31. The film brings back the series antagonist, Sadako Yamamura, for another round of video-induced murder.

While a creepy, supernatural killer in the movies and books, Sadako has become popular as a sort of quirky character in Japan, even making a clumsy appearance at a baseball game to throw the ceremonial first pitch earlier this year.

The Sadako 3D special edition box set, also known as “Sadako’s Cursed Box,” indulges in this goofy parallel with the inclusion of a sizable cut of Sadako’s iconic black hair and 32-page photo book titled Sadako’s Holiday.Sadako’s Holiday offers a closer look at what the long-haired ghost girl does on her days off:

 Sadako’s Holiday offers a closer look at what the long-haired ghost girl does on her days off:

The hair is simply a gag to frighten people into thinking that Sadako is actually emerging from their Cursed Box:

In addition, a series of three short videos detailing the removal and packaging process of Sadako’s hair were uploaded to YouTube to promote the Cursed Box’s release:

▼Sadako goes to the hair salon

▼Sadako gets a job at the DVD/Blu-ray packaging factory

▼Sadako gets scolded at work

Sadako’s Cursed Box can be purchase on Amazon Japan and video stores around the country. Unless you absolutely need the hair and photo book, however, overall low reviews of the movie suggest you may want to make this one a rental.

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Sadako 3D Trailer

▼ Sadako throws the first pitch