The question on everyone’s lips was: how fast can Sadako throw?

The stars of two of Japan’s most well-known horror movies took to the baseball field at Sapporo Dome yesterday, opening the game between the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and the Yakult Swallows with an impressive show that grabbed everyone’s attention. Sadako, from the Ring movies, was first to walk onto the field, dressed in her distinctive long white dress, while sporting a pair of well-worn baseball shoes and a black baseball mitt to match the long dark tresses covering her face.

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Following her was Kayako, from the Ju-on (The Grudge) horror films, holding a baseball bat and accompanied by her son, Toshio, who was sporting a “I ♡ Kayako” T-shirt.

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As batter and pitcher faced off, Toshio sat near his mother while Sadako showed off some fancy arm moves in the lead-up to her pitch. Commentators and spectators all wondered how fast the terrifying girl would throw.

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Proving that a full face of hair can’t put a ghoul off her game, Sadako pitched the ball at a speed of 96 kilometres (60 miles) an hour, with Kayako hitting it left of field. Both players, seemingly exhausted by the power of their interaction, fell down onto the field, with Kayako’s son stepping in to make the run for first on behalf of his mother.

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Victorious, Toshio lapped up the applause from the crowd. Thankfully, he kept his mouth shut, saving the spectators from his bone-chilling, cat-like scream.

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While Sadako has previous on-field experience, throwing out the first pitch at games in 2012 and 2013, where she clocked speeds of 70 kilometres and 103 kilometres per hour respectively, this is the first time for Kayako and her son to make an appearance. The trio will be starring together in the upcoming horror film, Sadako vs Kayako, due to be released in Japanese cinemas on 18 June.

Source: ITMedia
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