It’s hard making it as an idol group in Japan.  In this business thousands of girls and boys are struggling to find their niche be it with snaggleteeth, clean towels, or chainsaws.

This time RocketNews would like to present a girl group who have taken a more fishy road to success, by pitching in at their local sushi shop.  Every Sunday you can catch up-and-coming Idol Class do a free concert then sell you some octopus after the show, in what they call Sushidols.

A beautiful cross-promotional marriage, Nagoya based spacious sushi restaurant Goichi produced Sushidols to bolster sales, and it seems to be working. At the same time, Idol Class has been building a solid resume of TV and event appearances, culminating in the video of their newest song Hold Onto Your Dream.

On top of that, recently Victor Music Arts Inc. has announced their decision to publish Idol Class’s first official release, Beginning Story.  To celebrate they will perform a commemorative “debut” concert at Nagoya City Performing Arts Center’s Grand Hall on August 11th.

Meanwhile, you can get a taste of these sushidols via their regularly updated video blogs or by buying one of their made-to-order CDs and DVDs from their website.

So let that be a lesson to all you would be idol groups just starting out.  The quickest way to a fan’s heart is through their stomach!

Source: Idol Class Website (Japanese)