Summer seems to get hotter every year. For those of us who like spicy food it can be too burdensome to eat after working up enough of a sweat from the cooking alone.

To help this dilemma, a popular Korean Barbeque restaurant, Gyukaku, has announced that it will start selling a new style of frozen kimchi from 20 June.

Normally freezing a batch of Kimchi would leave it rock hard and completely inedible, but this new development in kimchi technology has given it a consistency similar to sorbet.

That may sound alarming to some, but the makers assure us that it retains the texture of bok choy and flavor of yangnyeom (kimchi spice) we all know and love.

They recommend using it as a topping for various cold Asian dishes, but you could also just dig in with a spoon if you’re the impatient type.  For only 198 yen (US$2.50) a pack you can easily enjoy it any which way.

Source: IT Media (Japanese)