At a recent auto show Toyota had unveiled its latest concept car, the Camatte (pronounced like latte), which they boast as the first ever true family car.  Not only can mom and dad use it for their daily transportation needs, but little Susie can get a kick out of playing dress-up with it and little Johnny can practice driving it himself in the back yard.

The most noticeable feature of the Camatte is its “dress-up” ability. Just like a doll, the outer body can be completely changed depending on your mood.  You can fairly easily slip on and off the different bodies each with completely different colors and shapes.

Looking further inside, the car has a unique three seat triangle orientation. The driver’s seat and pedals are highly adjustable and combined with the car’s compact size can even accommodate small children.  The arrangement of seats can easily allow parents to take over if their children lose control of the car at any time making it great for driving practice (off of public roads of course).

You wouldn’t even have to worry about the kids putting dents into the car since you can simply replace the body in minutes.  However, since this is just a concept car, we’ll never see it fully realized, especially since the prospect of 7 year-olds behind the wheel is terrifying no matter what kind of car it is.

Still, having the dress-up feature introduced on regular models could be pretty sweet.  Even having the ability of easily changing your car’s color alone would keep it fresh for longer and satisfy everyone in the family who has different tastes.

Source: Toyota via IT Media (Japanese)

Video: Youtube – cisjap

The Camatte (Earth) This car’s chassis is exactly the same as the car above.