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For some odd reason I suddenly feel like buying a Toyota….

It’s common knowledge by now that Japan and Asia as a whole love their mascots. There are mascots for the least popular Japanese prefecture, for Taipei’s government, and even for recruiting people into the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

So it should come as no surprise that Toyota’s most recent advertising campaign consists of a bunch of cute girl mascots to help advertise the Toyota Prius. What may be surprising, however, is that there is a whopping total of 40 mascots, each representing a different part of the car.

▼ Because why have one when you can have 40?

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We won’t go over all 40 of them here (you can do that at Toyota’s official website), but here’s a selection of some of the best and most ridiculous ones:

▼ Might as well start off with girl #01: The engine’s mascot.
“Come on, run with us.”

toyota mascots 02

▼ Here’s girl #02: Mascot for the hybrid transaxle.
“Yes, yes, sweet efficiency!”

toyota mascots 03

▼ Girl #04: The dashboard’s mascot.
“I love everyone! Does everyone love me?”

toyota mascots 04

▼ Girl #05: Mascot for the car’s traingular silhouette.
Because when we said every part of the car, we meant it.

toyota mascots 05

▼ Girl #09: Mascot for the car’s body frame.
“I want to protect everyone!”

toyota mascots 06

▼ Girl #10: The mascot for E-Four, the system to switch to 4-wheel drive.
Their motto is: “The three of us together equal E-Four!” Did, uh, someone at Toyota do their math wrong?

toyota mascots 07

▼ Girl #19: The exhaust system’s mascot.
Hey, this one actually makes sense! Steampunk action, heck yeah.

toyota mascots 08

▼ Girl #25: Mascot for the 4.2 inch color TFT twin gauges.
…do you get it?

toyota mascots 09

▼ Girl #27: The steering wheel’s mascot.
“Are you holding on tight? All right, let’s go.”

toyota mascots 10

▼ Girl #39: Mascot for the door chime.
Just to show, yet again, that we meant every part of the car.

toyota mascots 11

After seeing all of these moe mascots, we have only one question: where’s the girl representing the bumper?! We went through all 40 of them just to make sure, and there was not a single bumper girl to be found. Toyota, come on, get it together.

For those wondering why there are 40 mascots instead of just one or two, the answer probably lies in the mysterious “game” section of Toyota’s site that isn’t accessible yet. Perhaps they’ll be creating some sort of mobile game that involves all of the characters? Will they go for an augmented-reality game so your favorite mascot can drive with us in the passenger seat?! We can only hope.

In the meantime, if you want to check out all 40 mascots for yourself, then check out Toyota’s official website. There’s plenty more awesome ones that we didn’t have space to feature here. And if anyone out there has a Bumper-chan picture they’d like to share, by all means, please let us know. We’d like to show it to a, uh, friend.

Source: Toyota via Inside Games, My Game News Flash
Images: Toyota

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