The summer of 2012 is shaping up to be the hottest in recent years, and with nearly all nuclear power plants still shut down here in Japan, energy conservation is a necessity.  Here at RocketNews24, we believe wholeheartedly in saving mon… I mean protecting the environment, which is why we’ve made an effort to shut off all air conditioning in the office.  To compensate, we have elevated the concept of “Cool Biz” to “Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz.”

Roots of Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz

Back in 2005, the Japanese government began to push a campaign called “Cool Biz” in which companies’ staff would forego neckties and suit jackets so they could reduce air-conditioner usage.  The results were economic and environmental benefits for everyone.

Then, following the Fukushima Disaster in 2011, the program was elevated to “Super Cool Biz,” wherein workers were recommended to cast off suits and formal wear altogether and instead wear sandals or T-shirts in exchange for lowering AC use further.

Now, the unprecedented heat and energy situation of summer 2012 calls for an equally unprecedented solution.

Development of Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz

The concept of Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz is to push the limits of dressing down without losing the formality that is crucial to running a successful company.  The challenge lies in finding that perfect balance.

For the answer, we turned to the country well-known for its taste and refinement, England.

One of our editors vaguely remembered seeing a movie a few years ago in which a British man was dressed in a skimpy, green v-shaped swimsuit. After doing some research, we discovered that it is formally known as a “mankini.” The mankini exceeded all previous limits of legal skin exposure while still maintaining a sense of formality – because it was once worn by an Englishman.


Implementation of Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz

At first, Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz can be hard to implement, largely because it’s very hard to find mankinis on sale.  Especially for large scale businesses, procurement can be a daunting challenge.

After acquiring the necessary number of mankinis, you may find some initial resistance and awkwardness from your workers. To alleviate this, it is recommended that you first have a senior member of staff wear a mankini to acclimatize everyone in the office.  Once the stares of fear, disgust, and confusion turn to gazes of awe, envy, and respect, you may distribute mankinis to the remaining staff.

This all may seem like too much cost and effort at first, but if implemented successfully the Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz program can result in the largest possible power saving benefits, while at the same time retaining the respect and dignity your office has earned over the years.

Photos: RocketNews24

▼After some time wearing the mankini, managers will begin to feel closer to their workers, often offering surprise backrubs.

▼We assure that bead of sweat has nothing to do with heat.  It’s a natural reaction to wearing a mankini for the first time and will soon go away.

▼Female co-workers shielding their eyes is also to be expected.  This too will go away as they gradually get accustomed to middle-aged man flesh.

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