Stylish, green and eco-friendly modern urban village to be built in the heart of Tokyo by 2023

If there is one thing Tokyo needs, it’s more greenery.

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Studio Ghibli hanko personal seal stands are here to enliven your mundane daily tasks

These adorable name stamp stands will make you want to stamp your name on everything in sight! 

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More Japanese workers are ditching crisp business suits for casual and comfortable wear

Times are changing, and Japan’s younger generation now favors practicality over formality when it comes to work fashion.

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New light-up keyboard makes it feel like you’re traversing space and time with every letter

It’s a mesmerizing light show with every tap of the keys!

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Japanese commercial shows off blissful world where cats outnumber people at the office【Video】

Wouldn’t your job be so much more enjoyable if most of your coworkers were cats?

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Hamsters, Ebola & magic kanji: 7 tweets from Japanese office workers that went viral

If there were a Japanese office sitcom, you could expect to see some of these antics.

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Latte sharpeners, mayo correction fluid and more will confuse the heck out of your friends【Pics】

Doing school or office work can be a real drag. Taking notes? Completing worksheets? Writing reports? You’ve got more pressing matters to attend to, like checking all of your social media sites for the fifth time in five minutes.

But in the end those things just have to be done, so why not mix it up a bit? Let your “latte” sharpen your pencils, your bottle of mayo white-out your mistakes, and your naan hold all of your writing utensils together. Take a look below to see all the nifty stationery goods that don’t even look like stationery at all!

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Four common workplace occurrences that could land you in hot water in Japan

A Japanese website recently published a list of four commonly occurring behaviors at work which are actually considered to be crimes by Japanese law. The scariest thing is that regardless of where you are in the world, you might have been doing them all along!

Perhaps take a moment to check whether you have explicit permission before doing any of the following four things at your place of employment, or else you could find yourself in a legal mess in the worst case scenario.

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Enjoy even more “catmosphere” from the Tokyo office that’s filled with cats!

If, like me, you just can’t get enough cats in your life, then you’ll probably remember how last month we introduced you to this Japanese workplace that’s filled with cats! The Tokyo-based IT company which owns nine adorable rescue cats (which are free to play and snooze around the office as they please) has since been posting regular kitty updates to their dedicated Twitter account, so we thought it was about time we updated you!

Join us after the jump for brand-new pics of what has to be the world’s most purrfect work environment!

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Sit up! Japanese toymaker releases hunchbacked cat collection to stop office workers slouching

In Japan, a hunched back is called neko-ze, which literally means cat’s back. These days, one of the most common places to see neko-ze is not actually in the feline world but in the office, where workers hunch over computers, inadvertently ruining their backs and causing all sorts of problems in the process.

In an attempt to remind workers not to slouch, Japanese toymaker Bandai is releasing a series of hunchbacked cats designed to sit next to your computer. One look at these during the workday and you’ll stop the office neko-ze.

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An office for everyone: 8 share spaces in Tokyo for creatives and freelancers

With the cost of property in Tokyo so high, and an estimated 6,000 people squeezed into every square kilometre of the city, more and more urbanites are starting to think small. As well as choosing tiny houses that provide everything required for living but with none of the clutter, people are learning that life is far easier if, rather than yearning for their own private spaces and a multitude of possessions, they learn to share.

Following in the footsteps of movements such as last winter’s Warm Share, which offered incentives to members of the public who frequented designated–heated–public areas instead of sitting at home with their air-con cranked up, a number of “share spaces” are cropping up all over Tokyo, inviting both business people and freelance workers to use their facilities rather than staying in an office or cooped up at home.

So throw your laptop in your bag and come with us as we take a quick look at eight of Tokyo’s trendiest shared places to work.

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Tied to a desk but wish you were outdoors? Grab yourself a lawn-feel keyboard!

I’m sure most of us would rather be out in the fields with the sun on our face and the wind in our hair each day than shackled to a desk like a clone bred to serve the gods of the Cloud with their important databases and spreadsheets, but needs must and without hours of computer work our world would be on its knees in days. Thankfully, online “keyboard workshop” FILCO is bringing the outdoors to us with its new “Midori” lawn-type keyboard, which features a soft, turfy finish that will tickle your palms and wrists throughout the day, reminding you that life isn’t all pie charts and quarterly reviews.

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Things Japanese Men Do at the Office that Creep the Hell Out of Women

We all have co-workers who make us uncomfortable. A recent article on the website of popular Japanese tabloid magazine Spa included some stories about male co-workers that are too creepy to be true—at least, we hope. We thought we’d share them with you, because honestly, if these stories are true, they’re too scary to laugh

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The summer of 2012 is shaping up to be the hottest in recent years, and with nearly all nuclear power plants still shut down here in Japan, energy conservation is a necessity.  Here at RocketNews24, we believe wholeheartedly in saving mon… I mean protecting the environment, which is why we’ve made an effort to shut off all air conditioning in the office.  To compensate, we have elevated the concept of “Cool Biz” to “Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz.”

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