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Bra shirt for men: Japan develops new type of clothing to conceal men’s nipples

This new garment uses a specially designed insert to help cover those pesky high beams.

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Man-nipples become tools of “sexual harassment” during summer, complain Japanese women

There’s been a lot of hoo-haa recently over nip-nips, hasn’t there? On the western internets, ladies are in a huff that their female nubbins are being covered up by the online censors, but in Japan it’s male nurples that are getting on everyone’s nerves.

Turns out that Japanese ladies can’t stand the sight of male chesty-buds, and in this hot weather, lots of businessmen are going out and about without undershirts on. The result? A barrage of constant eye-trauma for the ladies who say that the men who are flaunting their areolas at them are committing sexual harassment! Oh my!

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Hyper Cool Biz 2013 Line Announced: Fundoshi and Parasols Hot This Year for the Trendy Businessman

With the few days of comfortable weather known as spring in Japan slipping away it’s time to brace ourselves for the muggy scorching heat of summer. This of course means it’s Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz time again!

While 2012 was the year of the electric-lime mankini, this year’s fashions are going retro with a boldly traditional Japanese loincloth, the fundoshi, balanced by an elegant yet sporty parasol.

So join us, as we examine this year’s choice in summer formal attire along with our model, the devilishly handsome Mr. Sato.

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The summer of 2012 is shaping up to be the hottest in recent years, and with nearly all nuclear power plants still shut down here in Japan, energy conservation is a necessity.  Here at RocketNews24, we believe wholeheartedly in saving mon… I mean protecting the environment, which is why we’ve made an effort to shut off all air conditioning in the office.  To compensate, we have elevated the concept of “Cool Biz” to “Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz.”

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