Yo dawg, Japanese smartphone-based bike-sharing service Cogoo heard you like freestyling, so they stuck a DJ mixer into your BMX bike so you can freestyle while you freestyle.

Overused memes aside, Turntable Rider is a creative little piece of technology that can turn any bicycle into a DJ console with just a few tweaks.

The system is composed of three basic parts: a fader box that goes on the handlebars, two jog wheels that attach to the rims and two sound pads for the handbrakes.

While it’s not the most complex setup, it does add a whole new dimension to the sport that we could see people doing amazing things with.

Cogoo is currently gauging interest in the Turntable Rider by asking those interested in purchasing a kit to “Like” their website on Facebook, promising to mass-produce it if they reach 5,900 or more.

Currently at 1.4k, they’ve got a long way to go, but in the meantime you can head over to iTunes to download TURNTABLE “SAKURA” RIDER, the first song to be mixed on the system and samples from the famous Japanese folk song “Sakura.

Source: Turntable Rider

▼ The making of Turntable Rider