Cat DJ

If the thought of a cat spinning tracks fills your heart with immense joy, then this will be the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.

With a rotating turntable and a deck covered in trash-talking stickers, even demure felines can try their paw at scratching tracks, thanks to this hilarious cat DJ deck. Now any cat can be the cool cat who makes all the humans smile and all the kittens bounce.

The cat scratch turntable has been spotted in Tokyo at Hikarie in Shibuya and online at Nissen, Amazon and Rakuten. Retailing for 2,800 yen (US$24.02), it comes in parts that are easily assembled.

Cat DJ3

The record is made from cardboard that’s just irresistible to cats who want to dig their claws in. The only thing that’s missing is some noise.

▼ Who cares how it sounds? It’s all about scratching that track.

Cat DJ4

It’s the hilarious stickers that give the set character. From the cat-like pompous classic “Run Dog” to the blood-splattered mouse, loyalties here clearly lie with cute-looking kittens and all things fish-related.

▼ Run Dog. Or don’t. ‘Cos you know I’ll scratch you anyway.

Cat DJ2

Pet owners in Japan are crushing hard on this unique DJ system from Suck UK, with many vowing to buy it just to see their cat working the DJ booth from the comfort of their own home.

▼  DJ Felix in da house! AKA DJ Scratchalot.

Cat DJ6

To see how cats take to the Scratch turntable, check out the video below. They say that curiosity kills the cat, but in this instance, curiosity makes them inadvertently DJ.

Source: Hamusoku
Main Image: @uppipupepo
Photos: Amazon Japan