Time to end the year on DJcore rather than cottagecore.

Gacha maker Kenelephant has consistently wowed with their high quality gacha toys aimed at adults, even setting up a wall of over 150 gacha toy machines in the heart of Akihabara Station. To end off the year, the company has launched a new set of collectibles in collaboration with Panasonic’s Technics brand—miniature turntable replicas.

▼ Untz, untz, untz!

Producing reliable, long lasting audio equipment since 1965, Technics has been a decades-old powerhouse for DJ jockeys. As a lover of music and a collector of miniatures, one of our dedicated Japanese-language reporters, Natsuki Gojo, knew she had to buy the set and was immediately delighted upon assembling the collection’s full spread.

Starting from the top left device and going clockwise, the collection features replicas of the following five devices: the more contemporary SL-1200MK7 turntable, a SH-DJ1200 × EAH-DJ1200 sound mixer accompanied by a pair of headphones, a CD player, a limited edition SL-1200GLD turn table that had only 3,000 units produced, and the older but dependable SL-1200MK2 turntable which is still used today by many clubs and electronic artists.

As a music enthusiast, Natsuki was delighted to see the level of attention given to the miniatures. From the golden lines of the sound mixer to the tiny CD that can be inserted and ejected from the CD player, there was much to enjoy in just examining each piece individually.

▼ I’m very grateful I don’t need to assemble something like this at family karaoke nights.

▼ Baby hamster figurine for scale, but not included.

▼ The CD player is either nostalgia-inducing or a mysterious relic from a different era, depending on who is looking at it.

And there was just one extra perk that came with the tiny audio equipment—Natsuki set up the turntables and sound mixer into a DJ station for a miniature rave with her Sylvanian Families figurines. And while Sylvanian Families figurines are known more for their western-style, rural, middle class aesthetic of cozy animals dressed in vintage clothing, with some lighting additions and a good house track in the background, they easily blended into the party scene Natsuki created. 

▼ DJ, the Hamtaro theme please!

▼ The turntables also come with their own dust covers and when not in use, Natsuki housed them in her Sylvanian Families dollhouse for that extra retro vibe.

It should be noted that these collectibles come separately in blind boxes, meaning you don’t know which Technics device-replica you get until you open the package. Each blind box is priced at 500 yen. (US$4.80) and details for purchasing them can be found here. And if you ever want more inspiration as to what to do with your miniatures, check out these stop-motion videos a talented teenager made with their collection!

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