Magazines for kids in Japan are so cool, even the adults want it.

The decision to purchase a magazine sometimes hinges on what freebies come with it, as some offer incredible fashion accessories that are just too good to pass up.

Yochien is a Japanese magazine catered to kindergarteners, helping parents introduce kids to a wide variety of subjects such as animals, nature and culture. It also often includes freebies in every issue, and as Japanese Twitter user @umako_inbe shows, the latest publication has set the bar high with an amazing do-it-yourself Kamen Rider capsule dispensing machine.

▼ Wait, is this really free?
(Translation below)

“The October issue of Yochien comes with a freebie, capsule dispenser! As there were over 50 clasps, assembling it was a real pain but so worth it!”

From the capsule shells to the cardboard outer casing and dial, everything is provided for parents to help build a functioning capsule toy dispensing station — otherwise known as “gashapon” or “gachapon” — for their kids.

Promoting the arrival of Zi-O, the newest Kamen Rider, eight different Kamen Rider paper watches are also included as capsule prizes, allowing children to experience the joy of cranking the dial.

▼ Assembly instructions can be found here.

▼ Swap out the prizes for even more capsule fun!

The DIY set comes absolutely free, which turns out to be a steal considering an issue of Yochien costs only 940 yen (US$8.50).

▼ Children can then play a mini board game using their
newly acquired Kamen Rider paper watches.

▼ The magazine has a history of offering quality toys for kids,
including a revolving sushi machine…

▼…an air hockey set…

▼ …and a shooting gallery complete with a foam bullet gun.

It seems Yochien’s target audience apparently extended to even adults who don’t have children:

“This is incredible!”
“Looks like there’ll be a surge of adult kindergarteners.”
“It’s for kindergarteners, but I really want it for some reason. And I’m 24 years old.”
“I want it. I’ll head down to buy an issue.”
“Is this really a freebie?”

Interested individuals can purchase the October issue of Yochien as well as previous publications here. We won’t judge.

If sold separately, we reckon the DIY capsule vending machine itself would easily exceed the 940 yen price tag of the magazine, making it a great choice for people who just want to own a private capsule machine at home.

Many high-quality Japanese magazine freebies are out there; you just have to know where to look.

Source: Yochien, Twitter/@umako_inbe via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@umako_inbe
Insert images: Yochien