Great Scott!  This fridge looks like something straight out of Back to the Future.

“Impress” has turned a few heads thanks to it’s unique honeycomb design and doorless front which makes it more of a refrigeration wall than anything else.  When inserting an item into the fridge, the white hexagonal panels recede into the machine and conform to the shape of the inserted item.  Food and drinks are easily seen as they protrude out of the doorless refrigeration wall and only areas which contain an item are cooled, saving energy.

Invented by New Zealander student, Ben de la Roche, this concept doorless refrigerator is one of ten finalists chosen out of 1300 entries in the Electrolux Design Lab 2012 Award, an international consumer electronics contest.

This futuristic wall fridge makes us wonder what you can’t fit into its ridiculously cool, but probably not so convenient honeycomb panels.

Squeezing your mother’s pineapple-filled jello mold monstrosity is just not gonna happen.  Try shoving a whole ham in there, we dare you.

But for all the flaws this doorless refrigerator may have, we’re still in awe at how perfect it would look in the McFly house of 2015.  Now if only they would put those brainiacs to work on inventing that hover board we’ve all be waiting for.

Source: ITmedia