New Zealand

New Zealand prime minster welcomed to Japan by kiwi mascot characters, surreally somber dance

Following reception by the Japanese government, it was the Kiwi Brothers’ turn to say hello.

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Japan exits Rugby World Cup, captain Michael Leitch wins with his +64 Cafe in Tokyo

Japanese fans visit the rugby player’s cafe in team jerseys for “the best breakfast in Tokyo“.

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Our reporter goes on a one-night, three-day “Extreme New Zealand Trip” over the weekend

Join our Japanese-language correspondent P.K. Sanjun on his whirlwind time-warping tour of Auckland, which still got him back in time for work on Monday.

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New Zealander finds photos in antique Japanese sewing box, requests Internet’s help tracing them

Twitter wants you to help find the people taken in these beautiful black-and-white photos from Japan’s past.

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Doorless Fridge of the Future Looks Good Enough For Doc Brown

Great Scott!  This fridge looks like something straight out of Back to the Future.

“Impress” has turned a few heads thanks to it’s unique honeycomb design and doorless front which makes it more of a refrigeration wall than anything else.  When inserting an item into the fridge, the white hexagonal panels recede into the machine and conform to the shape of the inserted item.  Food and drinks are easily seen as they protrude out of the doorless refrigeration wall and only areas which contain an item are cooled, saving energy.

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