I don’t know about other guys, but even if I’m in a healthy relationship I will sometimes encounter a girl who completely grabs my attention and doesn’t let go.

Maybe she’s stunningly beautiful, maybe she exudes charisma and style; whatever it is, there’s just something about her that captivates me—but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m romantically interested.

It’s like I’ve been trying to tell my wife for the past three hours while she’s locked herself in the bathroom with my wallet and phone: there are some girls you want to date and there are some girls you just want to look at.

Just take a look at the illustration above, which sparked an online debate over ideal girlfriends vs. ideal eye-candy after being poster to Twitter earlier this week.

The image was drawn by @xxclarinet and details his ideal conditions for the kind of girl he’d like to stare at longingly as opposed to the kind of girl he’d like to be in a relationship with.


On the left is “girl I want to look at” or, as written in parentheses, “the girl of my dreams.”

She is described with the following characteristics:

  • Confident and with a dazzling smile
  • Physically fit
  • Popular
  • Straightforward and has a good time with anything
  • All smiles and
  • Fashionable and good-looking
  • Height: about 165cm (5’5″)
  • Athletic
  • Strong and kind

Next up on the left is “girl I want to date,” or “girl I want to be with.”

  • Dependent
  • A little selfish
  • Shows emotion
  • Thin and soft
  • Shy and gets lonely easily
  • Pretty, but not too beautiful
  • Not too popular with guys
  • Height: about 150cm (4’11”)
  • Doesn’t have to be strong

Since being posted on Sept. 23 and again on Sept. 24, the image has been retweeted a total of nearly 25,000 times, with Japanese netizens casting their votes for which girl they would rather date (and do other things that shall not be named here).

And like most images of this nature, it didn’t take long before the Japanese got carried away with the discussion and soon fan images of “Hidari no Ko” and “Migi no Ko” (“girl on the left” and “girl on the right”) began appearing on Twitter (see below). Some people are even predicting the advent of a new meme.

So far, it looks like Migi no Ko (girl on the right) is maintaining the lead in Japan, but we here at RocketNews24 want to know what you think!

Cast your vote and lets us know who you chose and why in the comments below!

In the meantime, I’ll be in the living room making my bed on the couch…

Source: NicoNico News