While there are still a few kinks to be straightened out, and it’s not quite the life-changing service that Apple have been claiming it to be, the iPhone’s PA program Siri is still capable of making a few users chuckle.

Perhaps just seeing what their new iPhone’s electronic assistant could do can do, or perhaps just immensely bored one day, a Japanese iPhone user told Siri something about herself–

“Tomorrow’s my birthday…”

She may be guilty of having selective hearing at times, and she might get a little irked if you ask her for complicated map information, but Siri still has a heart.

Upon hearing that it was almost her master’s birthday, the iOS assistant burst into a round of “happy birthday”…

… but then cuts herself off.

The reason?

“Oh, sorry. That song is protected by copyright law…”

Oh, you big kill-joy, Siri!

Those of you who have ever tried to ask Siri for restaurant information in Japan will know that the application, even a year after release, still does not support Japanese map data.

Siri can be set to speak in a variety of different languages, and can be set to understand Japanese as well as English, but unfortunately she won’t lend a hand when it comes to tracking down a decent place to eat.

Even so, she’s still good fun to argue with, and always so ready to forgive…

I’m off for a lie down…

Source: Twitpic