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For some reason it seems that net users in Japan are fascinated by the sight of beautiful women doing perfectly normal things. Whether it’s creating art, playing sports, or working in the news or government, netizens are shocked every time an attractive woman actually does something rather than just staying home all day being beautiful.

And the latest in the women doings things obsession is Beni Taketama, a professional shogi player. Although we do have to mention that she is still only a 17-year-old high school girl, so some of the comments like “she really filled out nicely” and “I’d buy a photobook of her” are a little on the creepy side.

Beni Taketama broke into the world of shogi in 2008 when she was only a fourth grader by winning the first Koma-Hime (Pawn Princess) Championship held by the Japan Shogi Association. She quickly rose through the ranks of women’s professional shogi, because this is Japan and men and women’s shogi are separated.

Just four years later, in 2012 she became a professional female shogi player, and she is currently a 1-kyu female player, which is the last step before the more difficult and renowned dan levels. Still, it’s a very impressive accomplishment for someone who still has high school tests to study for and essays to write.

Of course none of that matters to the Japanese netizens. They’re only concerned with one thing: the fact that she’s cute. So here are some pictures of Beni Taketama doing her shogi thing. If you listen closely you can hear the shouts of “kawaiii!” still echoing inside the Twittersphere:

▼ Beni-san looking like she’s had enough of your questions and just wants to play some shogi!


▼ Ah, there we go. A nice casual game.


▼ And a fancier game played in kimono.


▼ “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just bored since you were taking so long.”

▼ “How much longer do I have to pose for? I kind of have a Pre-Calc quiz to study for….”


▼ She’s already a star in the women’s shogi world, inviting other girls to play.


▼ Is… is she playing more than one game at once?


▼ The stare of pure concentration. You’re dead next turn, buddy.


▼ A variety of Beni-san stares, ranging from “I’ll play with my food a little longer” to “all right, let’s end this.” (Click to enlarge.)


Here’s a video of Beni talking about the girls’ shogi club that she coaches. Of course the video ends with one of the guys saying “wow that’s amazing for a girl.” Nice, guys. I bet she’s never heard that one before…

Of course, as much fun as it is to poke fun at Beni Taketama’s fans, as long as they keep a respectful distance and don’t go crazy, then hopefully they will support her in becoming the best shogi player that she can be. Here’s to looking forward to seeing Beni-san break some boys’ hearts when she crushes them in shogi from here on!

Source: AOL News Japan
Featured/top image: Twitter (1, 2) (Edited by RocketNews24)