Are you often visited by cockroaches?  Do you hate having to do battle with these quick menaces for the sanctity of your home?

At the moment, circling around tumblr, is an intriguing yet simple method to rid your home of cockroaches – possibly forever – and it wouldn’t cost you a dime.  It certainly seems plausible, but whether it truly works or not remains to be seen.

Here is the procedure translated from the Japanese as written on tumblr:

To those who hate cockroaches, here is a way to keep them from entering a typical home.

1)   At some time between December and February, fully open all the windows. Open all doors and make one big open space.

2)   Turn on all vents and fans to circulate the air everywhere.

3)   Leave it for 3 hours at the very least. If possible, overnight is desirable.

After that, you will not have a cockroach encounter. The reason is it kills the cockroach eggs. When the cockroach sees useless eggs it moves to somewhere else. Cockroaches seeking a new house to live in will pass yours by, rarely would they stay.

I tried it.

The logic seems reasonable.  By lowering the temperature you may not kill an adult roach but it could prevent eggs from hatching indefinitely.  One internet user went on to say that if roaches see an egg that lost its ability to hatch then they will consider the area unsuitable and continue searching for another place to live.

They also stress that it doesn’t eliminate the chance of you encountering a roach completely.  There is still what’s known as the “drifter roach” in search of a new home.  These roaches will still visit your home just to check it out.

However, upon seeing the eggs rendered sterile in your house they’ll get the hint and keep on looking – or so we hope.  I really have to wonder if they’re that gullible, though.

Anyways, it wouldn’t hurt to try and doesn’t cost you anything except time.

That being said, leaving all your windows and doors open for three hours (or more if you want to be sure) can’t be fun.  This is especially hard since you have to hang around to guard the place while it’s opened up.

If any of our readers has a roach problem and is willing to put up with the cold, give it a try and let us know! You can use the cockroach index to help monitor possible roach encounter times.

Source: tumblr (Japanese)