7-Eleven apologises for cockroaches in onigiri rice balls

Recall issued for thousands of rice balls following customer complaints. 

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Japanese research institute creates ‘cyborg cockroaches’ to help save people’s lives【Video】

The impressive research leaves Japanese netizens both grossed out and in a moral quandary.

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Three centipede and cockroach species are newly named and placed under protection in Okinawa

It really bugs us that Japan has the prettiest bugs.

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Insanely difficult Japanese origami tests our patience and sanity 【Video】

Following the instructions on the video will take you a mind-boggling 50 minutes from start to finish.

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Get rid of cockroaches easily with clever Japanese lifehack

Become a fearless pest disposer with this incredibly effective three-step hack requiring just two utensils.

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We visit Tokuyama’s Cockroach Fest to take on the “Cockroach Encounter”【Photos】

Late last week, we told you about an event being held by Tokuyama Zoo this summer: the Cockroach Fest. One of the attractions listed was the horrific sounding “cockroach encounter,” but we didn’t have any details about just what kind of encounter it was. Being a naturally curious bunch with a masochistic streak a mile wide, we decided to dispatch a reporter to find out. 

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Thai schoolgirl invents eco-friendly method of roach disposal using 3 simple ingredients

One thing we can probably all agree on is that cockroaches are gross and disgusting. They stink, they fly at your face and they can make you sick. They must be exterminated, but not everybody enjoys breathing in the noxious fumes from aggressive sprays, nor do they enjoy handling toxic poisons. So what’s left? Drown the suckers? They can survive in water for around 30 minutes. Suffocate them? They can live without air for 45 minutes. Chops their heads off? They’ll just keep on scurrying. Luckily, a high school girl in Thailand has come up with an all-natural non-violent method of disposing of the icky invaders. All you’ll need is flour, cement powder, and… malted milk powder?

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This pervert told women there was a cockroach on their clothes so he could grope them【TomoNews Video】

“There’s a cockroach on your shirt!” is the worst pick-up line we’ve heard in years…

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Win a chance to sleep with a cockroach!

Gokiburi Kujo Maisuta (Cockroach Control Meister) is a service that helps provide estimates for the removal of terrifying cockroaches in the home. Thousands rely on them to kill off the shiny black terrors in kitchens and bedrooms across the country.

However, the company has apparently felt a pang of guilt recently. They feel that the roaches have done no wrong and are simply trying to exist just like everyone else. And so, the company has created Itsuki Kurohane: the cockroach moe girl to help combat the centuries of vilification unfairly handed down to these creatures.

Over the next month Gokiburi Kujo Maisuta is holding a contest to give away five Itsuki Kurohane hug pillows, but there’s a catch – besides her being a half-roach-half-human thing.

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One million cockroaches escape from farm in China

Remember that scene from The Mummy where what seems like a million scarabs pour out of every little crack and crevice, creating a sea of writhing beetles? Yeah, that actually happened in real life. With cockroaches.

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‘Say hello to my little friend!’ Irritated umbrella owner surprises thief with cockroach

We’re sure many of you readers are as sick of hearing about the Japan heat as we are suffering it, so let’s talk about some different weather! In specific: Rainy days and umbrellas!

Posting on Japanese news and community site My Navi News, a university student has asked the online community for its take on his somewhat unique predicament he found himself in after using everyone’s most hated insect to prevent his umbrella from being stolen.

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Goki Crane will help you get rid of dead bodies quickly and easily

It’s summer and the cockroach index is at its peak in many parts of Japan. During this time of the year most people have to do battle with our greatest foe, known as the gokiburi in Japanese. We all have our weapons of choice like spray, shoe, or phonebook.

However, even after we’ve slain the beast there’s still the issue of removing the body. Generally with bugs you’d just pick it up with some tissue and chuck it in the toilet, but cockroaches are supposed to be able to survive a nuclear holocaust. How can we be sure it’s really dead from just a little spritz of poison?

Thankfully we now have Goki Crane, a new way to pick up and dispose of unsightly and possibly reanimating cockroach carcasses without getting your hands dirty or your nerves rattled.

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Simple Trick to Rid Your Home of Cockroaches for Good?

Are you often visited by cockroaches?  Do you hate having to do battle with these quick menaces for the sanctity of your home?

At the moment, circling around tumblr, is an intriguing yet simple method to rid your home of cockroaches – possibly forever – and it wouldn’t cost you a dime.  It certainly seems plausible, but whether it truly works or not remains to be seen.

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Be Nice to that Roach in Your Kitchen, It May One Day Save Your Life

It appears that the fastest growing field of robotics is cockroaches.  Once thought to be the domain of Roachbot and Roachbot 2.0, researchers from the university of North Carolina have raised the bar further with what has got to be the first functioning cyborg cockroach.

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Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger: Roachbot 2.0

The hottest toy of 2012, Roachbot, was released earlier this year amid great fanfare with its eerie resemblance everyone’s favorite kitchen guest, the cockroach.  But as Japan enters the middle of cockroach season, we find ourselves casting aside our robotic roaches to play with the real ones.

Sensing this, Japan Trust Technologies have given it a severe amping up, including support for the iPhone and iPad.

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Cockroach-Killer Spider (aka Fighting Nope with More Nope)

Ah, the rainy season is upon us here in Japan. Actually, this applies to folks everywhere in humid climates, but there’s a certain creature that rejoices in this environment, known for its shininess and disconcerting nimbleness and reflexes. That’s right: the cockroach. Have you set up your home defenses for this summer?

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Cockroaches Give Mankind a Huge Evolutionary F-You by Being Pretty In Places We Don’t Live

A photo that has been circulating the internet recently has people scratching their heads. Suspected by some to be photoshopped, this image has captured what appears to be an arguably beautiful cockroach.

Naturally, not everyone is assuaged by the makeover. As one commenter succinctly pointed out “a cockroach is a cockroach.” True, but probably everyone would trade our hideously black city dwelling breed of roach for this more palatable line. Which begs the question: “What the heck, cockroaches?”

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All the Joy and Splendor of Finding a Cockroach in Your Home Can Now Be Felt Anytime with Roachbot

You know that warm feeling you get when you spot a cockroach in the corner of your kitchen.   How about when you pick up the garbage only to find one of those magical little critters scurry away in that adorable way they do?

The problem is that these precious moments are rare and even more fleeting as roaches quickly run into some crack in the wall.  Although you may feel comforted knowing that there are thousands more living inside that wall, it still doesn’t match the pure elation of meeting one of these black bundles of joy face to face.

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