One thing we can probably all agree on is that cockroaches are gross and disgusting. They stink, they fly at your face and they can make you sick. They must be exterminated, but not everybody enjoys breathing in the noxious fumes from aggressive sprays, nor do they enjoy handling toxic poisons. So what’s left? Drown the suckers? They can survive in water for around 30 minutes. Suffocate them? They can live without air for 45 minutes. Chops their heads off? They’ll just keep on scurrying. Luckily, a high school girl in Thailand has come up with an all-natural non-violent method of disposing of the icky invaders. All you’ll need is flour, cement powder, and… malted milk powder?

First, set up your trap. Mix flour, cement powder and malted milk powder (the student recommends Ovaltine, but we reckon Milo would work just as well) in a dish. Place it alongside a shallow tray of water.

…Er, that’s it.

So, how does it work?

Stage 1: The roach is attracted by the yummy yummy malty powder. The roach eats the powdered mixture. Possibly whilst smacking its lips. (Do roaches have lips? Ugh…)

Stage 2: The flour in the mixture makes the roach suddenly very thirsty.

Stage 3: The roach slakes its thirst on the nearby tray of water. Slurp.

Stage 4: Water mixes with the cement in the roach’s tummy. All of a sudden, the roach begins to feel a bit funny.

Stage 5: Cement hardens. INSTANT ROACH DEATH!

It certainly seems like an eco-friendly way to dispose of roaches, as well as being quite humane (at least they get to eat one last yummy meal).

▼ No more icky bug spray!

We’re certainly going to add this to our list of all-natural roach disposal tricks. Don’t forget to check the Cockroach forecast this summer to maximize your results!

Images: Kobe University, Surviving in Japan