Suspect of the “cockroach incident” fully admits to the charges.

A chef from Osaka Prefecture was recently arrested in relation to a “cockroach incident” that happened at a live anime song performance outside of Tokyo last summer.

The incident took place last August at Animelo Summer Live, an anime song music festival held annually at Saitama Super Arena, just outside of Tokyo. The suspect, 33-year-old Kazuyuki Kawatani from Higashi Osaka City, admitted to throwing around at least a few dozen cockroaches within the arena, near the audience seating area. Eye witnesses state they saw what looked like bugs flying about from Kawatani’s hands when he lifted his arms to dance, which led to authorities getting involved.

Because of the extra precautions needed to be taken by event staff, Kawatani was arrested on charges of disrupting affairs and interfering with authoritative duties. The particular cockroaches released by Kawatani were “red roaches”, a flightless variety often used as reptile food.

Why the man felt the need to throw a bunch of cockroaches around at the event, as well as how he was even able to bring the roaches into the arena with him, hasn’t been made clear. (At least he didn’t try lighting the place on fire.)

The news has left a number of people feeling rather perplexed:

“The guy responsible for the roach incident at Animelo last summer has been arrested. Can’t believe he’s about the same age as me.”
“This! This happened in the section diagonally in front of me.”

“That really happened?”
“So they actually investigated it…. I’ll say it again though, that guy’s an idiot.”

No humans were harmed in the incident, and the festivities continued on as normal. There is no word on what happened to the cockroaches, but it’s likely there were a few casualties.

Source: Sankei News via Hachima Kisou 
Top image: FreeDigitalPhotos/aopsan