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Become a fearless pest disposer with this incredibly effective three-step hack requiring just two utensils.

The internet is an endless treasure trove when it comes to picking up handy snippets of information to make life easier — and when it’s done in Japan, it’s often accompanied with a set of cute anime illustrations too. Here to help us with the unwelcome task of dealing with household pests is Twitter user @nokuhashi, who’s come up with an effective way of getting the job done, along with three easy-to-follow diagrams to illustrate the process.

▼ After seeing a “G” (gokiburi, or cockroach) on the wall, @nokuhashi struck upon the creative idea and decided to share it after he found it to be the smartest way yet to get rid of the pests.

Step 1.

Take an empty two-litre PET bottle and discard the lid. Cut the bottom off, making sure to create an even, straight line.

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Step 2.

Quickly place the bottle over the creature on the wall, as pictured.

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Step 3.

Grab a can of insecticide, place the nozzle in the lid opening and spray until the cockroach falls inside the bottle and moves no more.

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With tens of thousand of likes and retweets, Twitter users are applauding the simple yet effective concept, leaving comments like:

“This is fantastic! It makes extermination super easy!”
“This is a groundbreaking idea”
“I’m going to make one now so I have it ready for when I need it”
“It’s a good idea but I hate cockroaches so much I doubt I’ll be able to get past step 1”
“You should commercialise this as a product!”

Thanks to Twitter and the brilliant life hack from @nokuhashi, we’ll be ready and waiting, bottle in hand, for the creepy crawlies to come out from the woodwork this summer!

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/@nokuhashi