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If you like being scared out of your mind, then you’re in for a real treat—two of film’s scariest characters will be appearing together in a movie in 2016!

Yes, those of you who enjoyed getting scared senseless by Sadako and Kayako from the Ring and Juon (The Grudge) movies respectively, will be delighted to hear that the two evil characters will be collaborating in the movie Sadako vs Kayako, which the film’s makers are calling “the biggest event in the history of Japanese horror cinema”!

The film will be directed by Koji Shiraishi, who is responsible for numerous horror flicks including the hit 2005 movie The Curse, so there’ll certainly be no lack of experience in the directing department.

Playing the lead role in the movie will be actress and model Mizuki Yamamoto, who has appeared in numerous TV commercials and dramas as well as the live-action film production of the popular manga Black Butler. Yamamoto happens to be a self-proclaimed horror fan and is apparently delighted to be starring in a film that brings such well-established horror characters together.

▼ The lovely Mizuki Yamamoto, who is a big horror fan herself.

A film featuring Sadako and Kayako was actually promoted earlier this year as an April Fool’s joke, but now it looks like horror enthusiasts will get their wish. Even better, this movie is set to be released in 4D, so the audience can look forward to getting scared by moving seats, winds, rain-like water effects, unusual scents, smoke and unexpected blasts of air.

▼ Oh, no … not the well again!

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Now, while this may sound like something J-horror fans should be thrilled about, some people seem a bit uncertain about the whole idea, pointing out online that there are many ways a collaborative movie like this could turn into a ridiculous parody. (Remember Freddie vs Jason, anyone?)

Others have faith that Shiraishi may be able to pull it off and give us a decently terrifying movie, based on his past experience and track record as a respected horror director.

Sadako vs Kayako is scheduled for release in June, 2016. Let’s hope it’ll be as terrifying as the Ring and Juon movies put together!

Source: Sadako vs Kayako website via Crank In
Images: YouTube/ Kadokawa Pictures Advertising Channel