On a late night light rail train in Phoenix, Arizona on what authorities believe to have been October 6, a man rescued another passenger from a fight by wielding his samurai sword towards the assailants.

The incident was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube.  None of the parties involved have been identified and the police are currently investigating.

At approximately 2am a fight broke out on the train involving two men attacking a third in a flurry of hits and kicks.  As another passenger was recording the scuffle with a mobile phone, a man wearing a dark jacket, baseball cap, and headphones popped up brandishing a Japanese sword.

The assailants quickly stopped their attack and backed off the train as the man inched towards them holding up the sword.  At this time the victim of the attack requested to borrow the sword saying “lemme see that” to which the baseball samurai said, “I’ve got it under control.”

With the help of his guardian ronin, the would-be victim continued to shout obscenities at his retreating attackers.  According to one passenger who was interviewed the samurai’s presence was not simply a fluke, “There’s no accidents and, he was totally there for a reason, and I feel like, hey you know dude, wherever you are, rock on!”

It’s unclear if the swordsman was breaking any laws by waving a deadly weapon in public like that but the incident was able to end without any injury.  So wherever you may be headphone samurai vigilante guy – we hope you rock on indeed.

Source: NY Daily News (English) via My Navi News (Japanese)

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