Smooching, swapping spit, making out.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, kissing is awesome.  But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s not so great.  From chapped lips to a funky taste you can’t quite put your finger on (tuna fish, maybe?), there’s a lot that can go wrong while you’re snogging.  But what if there was a product that could improve your make-out sessions and even make them more exciting.

Here comes Kisstixx, a new product advertised as “the best thing to happen to kissing since the French got their lips on it.”  Made in America by two college buddies from Utah, Kisstixx is a set of two compatible lip balms that combine to create a chemical flavor reaction.

Kisstixx has been rapidly gaining popularity since the company’s humble beginnings in a college dorm in Utah and has expanded to Osaka’s specialty cosmetics company, “Make Up,” as of September 15.

The best thing about Kisstixx is that you get two tubes of lip balm in one pack.  Your partner wears one flavor and you wear the other complementary flavor.  The lip balm is delicious on its own, but when the two flavors combine, they heat up and create a tingling sensation.  “It’s all the about making your next kiss into an EXPERIENCE! Mix and match to your hearts content” boasts the Kisstixx Facebook page.

Kisstixx comes in 6 different flavor combinations: Raspberry & Lemonade, Strawberry Daiquiri & Pina Colada, Fire & Ice, Peaches & Cream, Sweet & Sour, and Strawberry & Chocolate.  Each pair of lip balm is SPF 15 and costs $5.99.  For those who are feeling really wild, Kisstixx offers all six pairs for $28.99.

A unique kissing experience at a reasonable price; why not spice up your next game of tonsil hockey with a pair of Kisstixx lip balm!

▼Raspberry & Lemonade

▼Strawberry Daiquiri & Pina Colada

▼Fire & Ice

▼Peaches & Cream

▼Sweet & Sour

▼Strawberry & Chocolate

▼Why not give them all a try?

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