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Most girls growing up during the 80s and 90s in the States only wanted two things: the newest Barbie and the shiniest lip gloss. While make-believe scenes of Barbie sneaking out to kiss Ken happened at home, adolescent girls themselves never left the house without their favorite lip gloss. Parents could say no to lipstick and eyeliner, but lip gloss was OK. And what’s not too like about it? It smells so tasty and makes you want to lick your lips…again and again and again. Between Barbie and lip gloss, only one thing could have been better, edible lip gloss.

Lucky for us all, there is a candy store in Japan which specializes in palatable lip wear. And they’re teaming up with Mattel to celebrate Barbie’s 55th birthday with a few new products that combine the allure of Barbie with the fun of edible lip gloss.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, and let’s not forget White Day (dudes don’t enjoy chapped lips either), these tasty lip products from Ameya Eitaro combine makeup with candy! Anyone who’s worn lip gloss has certainly thought about tasting it; they always all smell so good you just want to give it a quick brush of your tongue. But when you do, you are disappointed to find that it just tastes like a waxy cream or nothing impressive.

That will never happen again! Ameya Eitaro’s current lineup starts with a honey base, and adds color using fruit powder and dry fruit to make a delicious lip balm. You will have to keep reapplying it because you’ll keep eating it all!

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In celebration of Barbie, this yummy makeup/tasty snack is adding a limited number of flavors and goods to their stores for a limited time only.


Packaged to look like the most expensive and elite makeup products around, these tasty lip goods come in two forms: Sweet Lip and Sweet Gloss.

Sweet Gloss (which should really be called sweet balm), comes in six different flavors:

– Caramel
– Caramel x Strawberry
– Chocolate x Cranberry
– Chocolate x Raspberry
– Black tea x Mango
– Black tea x Silver sugar

You can get each of these for 648 yen (about US$5.50) or you can pick up a set of three for 2,160 yen ($18.33).

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Then there is Sweet Lip (which should really be called sweet gloss) and comes in three flavors: strawberry, raspberry and ruby grapefruit. Each of these will run you 702 yen ($5.96) or you can get a cute Sweet Lip Barbie Gift package which includes each flavor plus a Barbie charm for 2,700 yen ($22.91).

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This collaboration of Barbie and Ameya Eitaro is only lasting for a limited time, January 28-February 16 in preparation for Valentine’s Day and March 4-March 14 for White Day. It’s a fun gift for any friend who would appreciate something besides chocolate on these special days. So, don’t let the Barbie lover, or candy lover in your life go on without making their lips taste as sweet as candy. They will be thanking you with sugary kisses, and nothing is sweeter than that.

Images: Ameya Eitaro, PR Times
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